Wednesday, August 26, 2020

9:30 – 10:00 am: Conference Inauguration and Welcome
10: 00 am – 11:00 am: Keynote Talk I 
Title: Segmentation of Dynamic Networks from Heuristic-based Approaches to a Calculational Approach
By: Professor Ridha Khedri, Department of Computing and Software, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
11:15 am – 01:45 pm: Session I


S. No. 
Session I
A P2P Optimistic Fair Exchange (OFE) Scheme for Personal Health Records Using Blockchain Technology 
Nasim Al Goni, Sherif Saad Ahmed, and Ahmed Ibrahim
Characterizing Command and Control Channel of Mongoose Bots Over TOR
Wei Lu, Nathanael Mercaldo, and Chance Tellier
Performance Evaluation of SDN-WISE Against RPL-based Ad-Hoc Wireless Sensor Network using the COOJA Simulator
Samridhi and Ramiro Liscano
 Security- and Location-Aware Optimal Virtual Machine Management for 5G-Driven MEC Systems
Glaucio H.S. Carvalho, Isaac Woungang, Alagan Anpalagan, and Issa Traore
Machine Learning-based Detection of Grayhole Attack in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Sunil Poyyagadde Rao, Deepak Devaru Joshi, and Juzi Zhao


02:00 – 3:00 pm: Lunch break
03: 00 pm – 04:00 pm: Tutorial I 
Title: A Gentle Introduction to Blockchain Technology
By: Dr. Sherif Saad Ahmed, Department of Computer Science, University of Windsor, Canada

Thursday, August 27, 2020

10:00 – 11:00 am: Tutorial II 
Title: Communication Requirements for Autonomous and Electric Vehicles: Can Visible Light provide a viable alternative?
By: Professor Xavier Fernando, Ryerson University, Canada
11: 15 pm – 12:15 pm: Tutorial III 
Title: WLAN Defense – The pathway toward 5G security
By: Dr. Glaucio H. S. Carvalho, Sheridan College, Oakville Campus, Canada
12:30 pm – 02:30 pm: Session II


S. No
Session II
Achieving QoS Upper Bounds for various MAC Parameters in the VANET
Richa Sharma, Teek Parval Sharma, and Ajay Kumar Sharma
Secrecy Analysis of Underlay Cognitive Radio with Delayed Channel Information
Anshu Thakur, Ashok Kumar, and Nitin Gupta
Machine Learning-based RF Jamming Classification Techniques in Wireless Ad-hoc Networks
G.S Kasturi, Ansh Jain, and Jagdeep Singh
A Survey on Spectrum Sharing Techniques in Cognitive Radio based Smart Grids
Megha Gupta and Vinesh Kumar
Multi-Objective Scheduling based on Ant-Lion Optimizer in Cloud
Gaurav Arora, Prakhar Maheshwari, Sushant Aggarwal, Ritu Garg, and Rama Rani
Modified RC-4 Algorithm Against FMS-Attack
Poonam Jindal, Harika Menda, Dedeepya Rongali, and Shraddha
02:30 pm – 03:00 pm: Break
03:00 pm – 5:00 pm:  Session III


S. No.
Session III
SNR-Based Multi-Head Selection and Reception Performance for IoT Clustering
Yawgeng A. Chau
Performance Evaluation of a Traffic Surveillance Application using iFogSim
Mluleki Sinqadu and Zelalem Sintayehu Shibeshi
Efficient Resource Utilization for High-Capacity Satellite Networks
Olugbenga Emmanuel Imole and Tom Mmbasu Walingo
Design and Evaluation of Energy-Efficient Routing Protocols for Opportunistic Networks
Sibusiso Shabalala, Zelalem Sintayehu Shibeshi, and Khuram Khalid

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